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Command & Control Centers 

Gain Maximum Visibility

Your leadership depends on Command & Control Centers to provide real-time situational awareness in order to make contextualized and informed decisions. These critical systems in your environment need to consistently operate, no questions asked, around the clock to ensure uptime in even the most high-risk of scenarios. Continuant’s Video Wall solutions enable your organization to craft a Command & Control center to meet your needs, so you never have to worry about lacking visibility.  


Utilize Video Wall Technology for Command and Control  

Command and Control Centers utilize video wall technology to help organize and deliver information, so organizations gain full visibility into their own internal systems and monitor environments such as transportation, weather systems, energy markets, and investor insights. From high quality LED display walls to processing systems, video collaboration solutions and more, Continuant will set you up for operational awareness. 

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Our Command Center Solutions in Action 

Seamless LED Displays

LED video walls provide the highest resolution, seamless tiling capabilities, and redundant power supply to consistently display an immersive experience.  

Content Management Software

The right video wall software gives you near infinite customization ability, enabling you to craft an environment to meet your unique needs.  

Custom Command & Control Center Deployment 

Continuant will help by determining the proper video display wall configuration and identifying the right processing and control equipment for your application. We will work to help determine how to best utilize the space and what key information to display. Then we’ll design and deploy a custom solution based on your unique needs. 


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Success Stories

Our clients know they can trust in our excellent service. 

Along with designing this video wall solution, Continuant has provided 24/7 support for it since its deployment. What was once an inflexible, simple system has become a highly replicable and scalable one.

Providence St. Josephs

TDW trusted Continuant to support its voice technology without strongarming the organization into an upgrade.

TD Williamson

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