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Why the Largest Wholesale Voice Carrier in the World Selected Continuant 


Tata Communications Limited (TCL) is nothing short of a dominant force in the voice market. Founded and based in India, the company is the largest wholesale voice carrier in the world, servicing over 200 countries and carrying 53 billion minutes of voice traffic annually. One in every ten calls in the world is carried over Tata’s network, a network that eventually needed to make its way to the cloud. 

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The Challenge

  • Massive in-house integration of Cisco cloud systems 
  • Clients all over the world needing support 
  • Lack of proper implementation to run the solution in main data center 

The Solution

  • Design, implementation and maintenance services in over 30 countries  
  • Assistance in deploying Microsoft Teams and other systems for clients 
  • Global SIP provisioning  
  • O365 tenant management 
  • Teams user enablement and training 
  • 24/7 managed support services 

The Story  

Tata offers network and data services to enterprises and supplies transmission backbone and data services to other telecommunications companies over one of the world’s largest global IP networks, including the world’s largest submarine fiber network.  Along with India, TCL operates from offices in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, North America, Russia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. TCL has over 8,500 employees working in 38 countries and is part of the Indian Industrial Conglomerate Tata Group. 

In 2015, Tata decided to add Cisco Hosted Cloud Services to its product portfolio. Tata knew that it made sense to host the Cisco solution in its own data center. However, designing, implementing, and maintaining a system like this was no easy task, and Tata would need a reliable partner to see it through. 



Shortly after bringing the Cisco Cloud solution to market, Tata launched an initiative to do the same with Microsoft. Continuant continues to be a trusted partner. Continuant enables and manages Tata Communications’ ability to provide customers with Microsoft Teams and Phone System. Customers receive carrier grade SIP trunking services from Tata, which enables Continuant to configure Microsoft Teams to make and receive phone calls. Continuant provides Managed Services, consisting of Global SIP provisioning, O365 tenant management, Teams user enablement, training, and 24/7 managed support services. 

Continuant prides itself in being a reliable go-between for carriers and their clients. Its beneficial relationship with Tata lets it keep that title, ensuring voice services for businesses all over the world are as optimal as can be. 

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