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Continuant is the Number this 911 Operator can call 

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Long-time Continuant customer American Medical Response is the largest ambulance provider in the U.S, with thousands of vehicles in some 40 states. To say its systems are mission critical is an understatement. 

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The Challenge

  • Dissatisfaction with previous provider due to high costs, slow response time, and general quality of service 
  • Lives at stake 
  • Mission critical phone system ever in danger of going down 
  • Often stuck in queues to get important service 

The Solution

  • Fast response time 
  • Easy working relationship 
  • Customer service that’s second to none 

The Story

American Medical Response is in the business of saving lives. When operating emergency calls, downtime is simply not an option, and neither is low quality service. 

Unfortunately, this was what American Medical Response was stuck with in the beginning. Its provider didn’t provide all the different types of service it needed, was difficult to contact not to mention impersonal, and ultimately provided a service with high cost and poor time resolution. Far too many times this company found itself stuck in a queue waiting to get service it needed to keep people alive. With lives on the line, AMR’s service needed to be better. 

With Continuant’s help, it soon became better. Continuant proved able to deliver a peerless customer experience, impressing American Medical Response not just with reduced costs and faster response time, but also with a relationship built on good rapport and friendly interactions. Some among AMR’s team described it this way: 

“When I call them, it’s like I’m calling a co-worker or a friend…” 

When this company has emergencies of its own, it can make a “911 call” to its good friends at Continuant. 

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