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Continuant Provides Service for the Very Center of this Community 

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Founded in 1978, Sea Mar has dedicated itself to providing quality and comprehensive health, human, housing, education, and cultural services” to various communities. Specializing in Latin American clientele, its network includes more than 90 facilities in the state of Washington. 

Sea Mar Community Health Centers Building

The Challenge

  • 800-seat multi-purpose space hosting events ranging from community movie nights to weddings 
  • Separate museum space requiring custom AV for exhibition displays 
  • End-users at widely varying skill levels, from novices to pros  

The Solution

  • Custom designed high-quality AV system 
  • Dual mode production, providing a simple interface for novice users and a full production alternative for professionals 
  • Full concert sound system, speakers, and acoustic treatment 
  • Support for both multi-purpose auditorium and museum space 

The Story  

Though Sea Mar was founded by Latin community leaders and health activists and specializes in treating Latin American patients, it’s an organization that promises to treat any client regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. Holding to the values of equal opportunity and accessibility, Sea Mar provides health and human services to the less fortunate. These services include community and migrant primary medical and dental care, substance abuse treatment services, social services, maternity support services, homeless support services, health education and nutrition programs, pharmacy services, childcare, low-income, and migrant farmworker housing, and youth education and leadership programs. 

At one location, Sea Mar planned to build a community center and museum space that would be integral parts of its healthcare facility. The museum would be a time capsule from Latin American culture and history. At the same time, the community center would serve as a multipurpose space used for important community events like weddings and Quinceañeras 

Each room needed an Audio-Video solution that would enhance the experiences of each of the different types of events. These systems also needed to be the kind that could be used in a multitude of different ways by people of varying skill levels. SeaMar’s AV solution would be the difference between the vibrant, enriched rooms they wanted, and the flat, lifeless ones they hoped to avoid. 

 After studying the plans for the rooms within the community center and working with Sea Mar to determine what was needed to facilitate the various experiences, Continuant began the design processThe design for the community center included a Dual Mode production, allowing the users to switch between Simple and Full Production Mode depending on the event at hand and the skill level of the operatorThis system also came with a full concert sound system, speakers, and acoustic treatment. As for the museum, its design included multiple projectors, all of which could be easily controlled from a Crestron panel. 

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