Remote Incident Management

Kristen Fergurson
Kristen Fergurson, Service Delivery Lead

Whatever its cause, an IT “incident” can be enormously disruptive to any organization. Because such disruptions in IT services always require immediate attention, many companies view Continuant’s Incident Management Service as valuable “insurance” against costly business interruptions.

Continuant provides rapid incident identification, resolution, and restoration of our customers’ normal service operations, resolving over 90 percent of incidents remotely by engaging our highly experienced Tier 3 engineers and responding within or in less time than the industry’s top SLAs.

Any Location, Any Time

No matter where you are located, Continuant’s skilled and highly trained NOC engineers are available to you 24/7 to give you the help you need. In addition to real-time equipment monitoring, Continuant offers rapid identification, resolution, and root cause analysis of errors and outages. Our engineers can make fast and objective decisions as well as conducting a trend analysis to determine the best course of action to prevent future incidents and ensure maximum uptime.

Engineer collaboration
Engineer collaboration

Remote incident Resolution

After the alarm hits, our NOC and our Tier 3 resources are remotely attending to the incident, Continuant will make every effort to keep you informed, no matter what.

And the best part? In many cases, we’ve already resolved the incident by the time you get the news. After all, we have the only SLAs in the industry with a guaranteed time to restore.


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