Onsite Incident Management

Oleg Huk, Avaya Engineer

This service involves the identification of the incident—what is its root cause? In addition to the identification, resolution, and restoration of our customers’ normal service operations, Continuant helps ensure that the incident will not recur. If the incident requires onsite attention, we will either send our engineers or engage our partner network of Tier 3 engineers to resolve the incident within the industry’s top SLAs.

Global Partner Network

Our global network of nearly 2,000 partners assists our Tier 3 engineers with onsite technical support when needed.

Connected 24/7

Our SLA promises a 4-hour time to restore for critical incidents, no matter the time zone or time of day.

Onsite Management

Our field technical support partners work closely with our Tier 3 engineers.

Onsite Management and Resolution

Onsite Management and Resolution

Advanced and secure methods for connecting to customer equipment make it possible to troubleshoot and resolve incidents from afar over 90 percent of the time.

In cases where additional technical resources are required onsite for incident resolution, we will arrange to have one of our field technical support partners visit your location, working with our Tier 3 NOC engineers.

Our large partner network allows us to respond onsite faster than our competition. Our Tier 3 engineers direct our on-site partners, providing assistance with diagnosis, troubleshooting, and incident resolution.


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