Getting Nortel PBX Phone System Support After End of Life

Bruce Shelby
September 10, 2020

It's been many years since the Avaya acquired Nortel. Since then, most Nortel systems, including the CS1000, are no longer supported the way they used to. To use Avaya's terms, the CS1000 has reached the End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) date, as have most of Nortel’s other systems. Fortunately, Third-Party Support can keep your Nortel systems running after EoMS.

Options to Keep Your Nortel PBX Running Strong

There are many times when a Nortel system will reach End of Life but continue to run strong. Certain Nortel system owners may also be content with the older systems and not want to purchase an expensive upgrade. The problem then becomes getting valuable support services for the system, especially when it comes to replacing parts.



For users relying on a Nortel system today, there are a few available options to keep the system running. These range from sticking with the OEM to working with a third-party for support services.

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OEM Support Through Nortel P.A.S.S

Nortel Partner Assurance Support Service (P.A.S.S.) is the standard support that Avaya issues for Nortel systems past their EoMS date. P.A.S.S. provides Tier III technical support, patches, and access to a Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

The problem with P.A.S.S is that it’s both expensive and a requirement for Avaya customers to pay. EoMS systems, by definition, no longer have patches being written. P.A.S.S. is, essentially, worthless for systems like the CS1000.

Migration to the Cloud

Some Nortel users might want to modernize and move to a new solution. Avaya even recommends cloud solutions for its users to adopt. Microsoft Teams is an excellent example of a cloud-based collaboration platform that can effectively take the place of an on-premise voice system like the Nortel CS1000.

Though there are many benefits to transitioning to the cloud, some users might prefer to keep their Nortel systems. A hybrid solution would allow both the legacy Nortel system and a new cloud platform to coexist and could be a viable option for companies with a wide variety of users.

For companies that would prefer to keep their Nortel systems and wait several years more before moving to the cloud, there’s another option that can extend your system’s life all but indefinitely.

Third-Party Maintenance

Many Avaya users have learned that third-party maintenance (TPM) can provide tremendous value by offering the same (if not more) services that regular OEM support would with impeccable service delivery. The same is true for Nortel systems.


Third-Party Maintenance can keep your Nortel systems running well beyond EoMS


A TPM provider is entirely independent of the OEM and can offer service fitted more to the client's needs. With no strict end dates, TPM can keep your Nortel systems running well beyond EoMS and can often provide support such as on-site repairs and parts replacement where such a thing might otherwise be unavailable.

Continuant's Maintenance Advantage Plan for Nortel

Continuant is a TPM provider with decades of experience with both Avaya and Nortel systems. Currently, Continuant supports Nortel CS1000 as well as all other Nortel systems. Continuant's Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) is a full suite of services that can keep your Nortel system working reliably for years.


Service Delivery

Outages that cause downtime shouldn’t be happening with a strong system, which is why at Continuant, we’ve developed a service delivery model that’s second to none. Our engineers constantly monitor alarms so they can deploy live tier III support at a moment’s notice. Quick resolutions are guaranteed, both on-site and remote.

Guaranteed Resolution and Parts Replacement

Even the best Nortel Systems can’t function properly without working parts, but many support providers do not guarantee to have replacements on hand. At Continuant, we keep a complete stock of spare parts to ensure that even the oldest legacy systems can be properly fixed. Best of all, our industry-leading Service Level Agreements ensure that parts can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Service Team

Personalized support is a commodity with a value that can’t be understated. To provide this, we provide each customer a dedicated Account Manager who will know your business and your systems.

Roadmaps and Futureproofing

Nortel systems are old, and the world is poised to move on and leave them behind. Even so, our teams include engineers that will help keep the systems running as though they were brand new. At the same time, these Continuant’s design engineers and architects will help you devise plans to either keep the system as it is or replace it with a new solution somewhere down the line.

Our focus is to keep your Nortel Systems stable

Even though your OEM no longer provides the support that you need for your Nortel PBX Phone System, our Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) allows you to keep using your phone system for as long as needed.

For over 20 years we have been offering world-class PBX support to organizations across the globe, keeping their systems running like the day they bought it, often saving them up to 40% in cost.

Request a quote today, and in the mean time, download our PBX Support Capabilities Statement to find out how our services can keep your Nortel PBX running for as long as you need it. 

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