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    May 9, 2024

    Curtain Call: End of Manufacturer Support for Avaya CS1000

    CS1000 in front of 3 Avaya phone with a red curtain about to close on themThe Avaya CS1000 has been a trusted communication tool for many organizations, providing a range of voice, video, and messaging features. However, it's time for a change as the Avaya CS1000 has now reached End of Manufacturer Support.

    Avaya will cease providing technical assistance, security updates, or bug fixes for the CS1000 on June 1, 2024. Users now have to contend with security risks and compatibility issues, not to mention an overall lack of technical assistance. As the name implies, support for the CS1000 is going to be hard to come by. 

    Continuant is here to lend a hand. We provide support for all legacy Avaya (and Nortel if you have one of those) systems even after End of Manufacturer Support. Better yet, we can also lend a hand in your transition to the cloud by designing a solution that best meets your needs and letting you deploy it on your time. 

    The Avaya CS1000 Retrospective 

    The CS1000 has been an integral for organizations large and small all across the globe. It’s a scalable solution that includes various communication channels. Its flexibility, customizability, and high availability give its users a consistent experience and allow it to fit almost any business’ needs.  

    In its heyday, this Avaya system was the perfect central communication hub for the organizations that used it. It provided advanced telephony features and was perhaps the closest users of yesteryear could get to a unified communications experience.  

    Times have changed, and yet there are still users getting value out of this legacy system. 

    Understanding the Implications of Avaya End of Support 

    For Avaya CS1000 users, it's important to understand exactly what End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) means.  

    Avaya will no longer provide updates or maintenance for the CS1000. As a result, you’re basically on your own when issues arise.
    On top of that, the CS1000 will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

    This leaves a CS1000 user with a few options: 

    1. Deploy a cloud-based solution as soon as possible. 
    2. Upgrade to a newer Avaya system not yet in the End of Manufacturer Support stage (including its cloud platforms).
    3. Get support for the CS1000 from a third party.

    Continuant's Offer for Avaya CS1000 Users 

    When it comes to providing maintenance and support services for legacy Avaya systems, Continuant takes the lead. We understand the challenges users face, particularly with Avaya’s product lifecycle. We’ve been at this for over 27 years.

    Our maintenance services include regular system health checks, access to tier III engineers, and hardware replacements, with a dedicated support team available 24/7. You can rest easy knowing your Avaya CS1000 system is in safe hands with Continuant. We also offer migration assistance for legacy Avaya users.  

    Ultimately, our goal remains the same. We want you to be able to make the right choice for your organization. We’ll help you get the solution you need to meet your needs and minimize disruptions along the way. 

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