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No Cause for Alarm: How Continuant Can Keep Your Nortel CS1000 Running Strong

Bruce Shelby
June 1, 2017

In a recent blog for Mitel, analyst Phil Edholm addressed the supposed imminent demise of Nortel CS1000 systems by posing the question: “What does it mean for hospitals that Avaya may be stopping support for CS1000?”

Our answer, and good news for the many hospitals we serve, is simple:  It means nothing.

For healthcare organizations concerned about Avaya’s purported end-of-support for CS1000, the good news is that Continuant can keep your Nortel systems running with maximum uptime until you are ready to replace them, regardless of whether you plan to hold onto your CS1000 for one year, five years, or even 10 years’ time.

Keeping A Nortel CS1000 Up and Running

Continuant’s many Nortel CS1000 customers include leading healthcare organizations such as Catholic Health Initiatives, HCA Methodist Health System, Mercy Health, and Intermountain Healthcare, along with Fortune 500 companies.

The speculation about providers moving away from CS1000 doesn’t end with Avaya.  Last year, the 7,200-employee Greenville Hospital System (GHS) moved the maintenance and support of its CS1000 systems from AT&T to Continuant, in part because AT&T notified GHS that AT&T would be discontinuing service on CS1000 systems.

Why Are These Systems Still in Operation?

Over the past 20 years, many large enterprises, including large healthcare organizations, have opted to purchase dependable Nortel systems like the CS1000.  The CS1000 offered excellent performance and reliability. It still does.

The fact remains that CS1000 systems run very reliably without any need for software support from Avaya.  In most cases, Avaya hasn’t written a patch in several years for any of the CS1000 systems our customers have in place.

Edholm suggests that hospitals consider replacing their CS1000 systems soon because of Avaya’s rumored end of support. While many older Nortel systems are scheduled to be replaced, we argue that Avaya’s threatened future lack of support should NOT factor into an organization’s decision regarding the timing of replacing its Nortel systems.

Nortel Systems Are Not Extinct (Yet)

In our view, organizations that have made significant investments in their Nortel systems should be able to extend the useful life of those “workhorse” systems until they decide to migrate to a different system. Healthcare organizations need to be reassured, not alarmed. They need to know that rumors of the death of their Nortel systems are greatly exaggerated.

Continuant not only can deliver world-class maintenance and service on these crucial systems, but we can (and do) help companies by offering architecture and design consulting regarding their technology roadmap.  We know the value of maximum uptime for hospitals, clinics, other healthcare operations and we have been providing just that for 20 years. As always, we are here to help. 

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