Continuant's Approach to Avaya PBX Maintenance & Support

Bruce Shelby
September 3, 2020

When an Avaya phone system reaches End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS), Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is the best solution to keep it running. While Avaya Extended Support offers scaled back services, a TPM provider can offer more support features at a better price. We offer this kind of maintenance to our clients through our Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP).

Avaya Maintenance & Support Tailored to Your Business' Needs

As a Third-Party Maintenance provider (TPM), we have been providing Avaya maintenance & support for companies all over the world for more than 20 years, including many Fortune 500 clients such as 3M, Kellogg’s, and Capital One. With reduced costs, accessible experts, and guarantees far beyond “best effort,” our clients have been able to increase uptime and stay focused on their business goals.


Download our Capabilities Statement to learn how we can keep your PBX running after Manufacturer Support ends. Download PBX Support Capabilities Statement (PDF)

Cost Savings

Our Maintenance Advantage Plan is built to be as cost-effective for its users as possible with a price point based on the standard cost of Avaya Extended Support. On average, we save our users 40% on maintenance costs.

Event Management

With Event Management, we will monitor your systems, define key events for specific components, and provide structured levels of notifications when those events occur. Event Management will trigger Incident Management where applicable, which will see normal service operation restored as quickly as possible.

Incident Management

Our Incident Management is designed to ensure business impact from outages or other problems is limited. Along with our onsite deployments, we offer 24/7 remote Incident Management that includes remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and support for onsite personnel.

24/7 Help Desk Access

Our support teams may be based in the US, but they remain capable of helping clients all over the world. Our MAP provides 24/7 access to a Global Service Desk 365 days a year and will have you speaking with the person you need to in an instant.

The Global Service Desk is the primary, single point of contact for all our customers, assisting them with the following activities:

  • Perform initial analysis, troubleshooting, and diagnostics for Event Management
  • Fulfill Service Requests for the customer
  • Provide proactive communication of service delivery
  • Manage escalations to ensure timely and high-quality resolution
  • Provide life-cycle management of all service requests and incidents
  • Provide Technical Support for general advice and help on covered systems

Industry-Leading SLA

A system outage can cause serious problems, and the older the system, the harder it can be to get it running again. We can guarantee a full system restoration in record time, regardless of how old the system is.

Our Service Level Management (SLM) tracks performance against service level targets, or Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). With these in place, we will provide reports on service levels where applicable according to an agreed upon schedule.

We can guarantee the right parts for the right systems, no matter how old they might be.


Guaranteed Parts Availability

With an abundance of spare parts, our maintenance goes beyond “best effort.” Early in the process, we’ll examine your environment and stock the parts you need to ensure they’re always available. We can guarantee the right parts for the right systems, no matter how old they might be.

Should your system have defective equipment, we will repair or replace the equipment with a new or refurbished model. The spare parts and refurbished models we collect are effectively tested, meaning replacements can be done easily and effectively.

Dedicated Support Team

Getting the right support doesn’t need to be time-consuming. We provide each client with a dedicated support team, a single point of contact dedicated to that client’s systems and history.

This team consists largely of tier III engineers with the proper OEM certifications to provide across the board support and access to the Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Through the TAC, the support team can answer any question about the covered environment.

Service Delivery

Our service delivery is second to none. From our in-house Network Operations Center (NOC), our engineers keep watch on various alarms constantly, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Our experts also work very closely with our network of 2,000 field techs.

Transitioning to the Cloud

If at any point you are ready to transition to the cloud, we provide mid-transition support through the same MAP contract. We’ll help you build a bridge to the cloud while also maintaining your legacy systems during the transition.

as Microsoft's 2020 Global Partner of the Year for Calling and Meetings, we can help design, deploy, and manage a new Microsoft Teams solution


Transitions happen at different times for different companies, but from what we’ve seen, companies that plan to transition in 3-4 years' time have tremendous success with our services. These clients get half a decade of high quality, low cost service on their legacy systems in addition to in-depth help in planning for a cloud solution.

Our MAP will ensure that your systems stay running like they did the day you bought them and will keep your investments protected. Furthermore, as Microsoft's 2020 Global Partner of the Year for Calling and Meetings, we can help design, deploy, and manage a new Microsoft Teams solution to do everything your Avaya systems does for you and more.

Keep your PBX Phone System running

As an alternative to Extended Support, Third-Party Maintenance is cost-effective and offers a plethora of services. Our Maintenance Advantage Plan can provide the support you need at a reduced cost.

For 24+ years we have been providing phone system maintenance for Fortune 1000 companies across the globe, often saving them up to 40% in cost.

Request a quote today, and in the meantime, download our PBX Support Capabilities Statement to find out how our services can keep your Avaya PBX running for as long as you need it. 

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