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Avaya Support: Extend The Life of Your Phone System With 3rd-Party Maintenance

Jon Shelby
August 27, 2020

Avaya’s systems operate on a Product Lifecycle with two end dates its users need to watch out for. After the End of Sale (EoS) date, Avaya will no longer sell the system in question, and after End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS), manufacturing for the system will stop entirely, meaning no more patches will be written and making parts less available.

After EoMS, Avaya will offer its Extended Support, which comes with a reduced suite of support features. Fortunately, there’s another option available for those looking to keep their older Avaya systems running: Third-Party Maintenance (TPM).

The Basics of Third-Party Avaya Maintenance

TPM is when a third party with the proper qualifications supports an Avaya phone system in place of Avaya’s direct support. TPM generally comes at a better price than Avaya’s support and provides a higher level of support, including Tier III support and often a guaranteed parts replacement. 

TPM comes without strict end dates, but that doesn’t mean it requires a longstanding commitment. A TPM contract can last for several years, or it can be a temporary arrangement. Temporary contracts are perfect for companies looking to keep their systems running during system transitions. For Valley Medical Center, a large healthcare organization in the Seattle area, its contract allowed it to receive TPM for its Avaya systems at all its major locations while transitioning to a new Cisco solution.

Interested in learning more about how our Third-Party PBX Maintenance offering can keep your Avaya PBX running when manufacturer suppot ends? Download PBX Support Capabilities Statement (PDF)

When to Consider Third-Party Maintenance

It’s important to note that TPM won’t always be the best fit for an Avaya user. Despite the extra costs involved, some Avaya users choose to upgrade and follow the Avaya lifecycle.

Alternatively, Avaya users that have stable environments with systems recently past EoMS stand to gain the most from TPM. As these users continue to use their EoMS systems, they’ll need parts replacements and Tier III incident management. These things aren’t so easy to get with Avaya Extended Support, but with a TPM they come easily and with a better price with no forced upgrades.

This is especially true for companies with plans to transition to the cloud. Certain Avaya users likely anticipate a full cloud transition within the next 3-4 years. For them, TPM allows their legacy systems to keep running during the transition creating a failsafe. In some cases, a TPM provider can even assist with deploying and maintaining the new cloud solution.

The primary value of a full system upgrade is access to resources from Tier IV engineers, namely new code and software patches for various Avaya systems. While new code and patches might seem indispensable, most Avaya users whose systems are stable don’t need it. Tier III resources will keep these systems running and will ultimately cost the system owners much less.

What Avaya Third-Party Maintenance has to Offer

Upgrades aren’t the only solution to problems with your system, and there are support options that go beyond “best effort.” TPM providers, like Continuant, can provide value to Avaya system owners by offering a service better than Extended Support at a more cost-effective rate than an upgrade.

Avaya Third-Party Maintenance Offering

Cost Savings 

  • TPM is more than just a cheaper alternative to Avaya’s support contracts. A TPM provider frequently offers more services and faster response times.

Tier III Access 

  • TPM providers can supply Tier III support for systems long past EoMS. This means the provider can do just about anything to fix the system that are EoMS. 

Parts Guarantee 

  • Spare parts for older systems may seem difficult to come by, but TPM providers have found a way to keep them in abundance. While the OEM offers parts replacements on a “best-effort” basis, providers like Continuant can offer guaranteed parts for systems well beyond EoMS. 

No Pressure to Upgrade 

  • Avaya is continuously coming out with new software, but deploying the new software requires expensive upgrades. For the most part, avoiding these upgrades is possible, but it becomes difficult to do so when relying on diminishing support. A TPM provider offers consistent support, never applying pressure to upgrade.


TPM can keep an Avaya phone system running well beyond its appointed lifespan. As a TPM provider with decades of experience, Continuant can bring value to any company looking to avoid expensive upgrades and get service beyond what the OEM can offer.

For 24+ years we have been providing phone system maintenance for Fortune 1000 companies across the globe, often saving them up to 40% in cost.

Request a quote today, and in the mean time, download our PBX Support Capabilities Statement to find out how our services can keep your Avaya phone system running for as long as you need it. 

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