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A Change in IT Buying: Why Business Drivers Now Lead the Technology Decisions

By Jon Shelby -->

As voice and telephony has evolved into the broad unified communications space, technology-buying decisions are no longer solely dependent on the IT and Telecom Manager.

I recently attended UCStrategies' BC Summit and learned that 54% of business leaders now view IT as an obstacle to getting business done.  Isn’t technology supposed to enable getting business done – and growing business?

The value of IT

Because a majority of business leaders hold this view of IT, CIOs are now focusing on business impact – not technology.  The CIO looks to the business first, and then identifies why and what needs to change in the business from a technology standpoint.  CIOs ask the IT and Telecom Managers questions like, “Why is an upgrade better than just staying with what we have?”  And they want the “business impact” answer.  What is the value of IT? In many (perhaps most) cases, an upgrade is not better.  But who can really provide the right information to the executives to make the business case?

A Managed Services Provider, or MSP, is the answer.

MSPs bring a custom blending of services to provide companies with the value, resources, and ability to build a technology roadmap that proves its business case.  Holistic managed services offerings must drive solutions for the business units – not just to IT.  IT Managers are catching on and the managed services market growth is headed upwards of 20%.  IT Managers who leverage MSPs are finding that their own customer satisfaction is improved, business units are reaping the benefits, and everyone wins.

How can Continuant serve your business units and show the value of IT?  Here are just a few ways we’re helping our customers:

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