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Team on video call conference room

Video Collaboration For Business

May 7, 2018

Full Transcript:

Our clients are able to take the technology solutions that we provide and use them in many unique ways to help them further their message or communicate with each other across the globe.

The healthcare vertical, for instance, is finding great use in being able to have doctors collaborate on cases. You may have a doctor in New York collaborating with a doctor in Seattle on a case and they can feel like they are in the same room looking at the same charts together.

The exciting thing about video conferencing right now is that it is not limited to just large board rooms. We are seeing a lot of huddle spaces are becoming the thing to have for small teams to communicate with small teams located in different locations. That scales all the way up to large conference rooms and training facilities where organizations are able to provide training to their remote employees from a central location, and remote employees aren't feeling isolated as if they aren't in the building.

Another thing we've been able to help our clients with is network operation control centers. We have been able to provide large video walls so that teams in those rooms can view data and share data across multiple computers. They can also monitor critical incidents and fulfill the issues quicker because they are having collaboration.

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