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    April 10, 2018

    Cloud Scalability Explained

    Video Transcript:

    Most of our customers are not in the business of technology. They're in the business of healthcare, they're in the business of manufacturing.

    So why are they bringing on and maintaining a dedicated data center administration team for their IT needs? Why are they going and becoming specialists in something that doesn't benefit them to specialize in?

    What we can do in our cloud offering is we can give them exactly the same service and automate and scale some tasks that they would have to do and give their IT an opportunity to be far more strategic.

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    Continuant, a Managed Services Provider and Systems Integrator, offering world-class solutions for Cloud, Voice Systems, Networking, UC, and AV. From UC and AV solution design and installation to post-installation support, Continuant focuses on delivering exceptional service to the enterprise. We manage complex...

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