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    June 7, 2018

    Enterprise Cloud Services Explained


    Your Trusted Advisor

    Continuant isn't just a legacy provider. It's not just a managed services provider. It's not just a cloud provider. It's all of them. It's the ability to be able to listen to our customers and provide a solution that going to make sense for them.

    Whether that's on-premise, whether that's hybrid, whether that's cloud. Most companies don't have the ability to service you today, talk to you about a road map, about ROI, and actually implement and maintain and handle those services. So we're very unique in that respect.

    We look at their road map and we look at what they're trying to accomplish big picture and the time frame that they're trying to accomplish it in and we can support what they have now and work with their schedule to help them move to where they want to be.

    And everybody's road map is different. Some customers want to go to the cloud right away where they can have us manage it and maintain it, we're about that. Some want to take a little bit longer and learn a little bit more about what that means and how it will impact their business. We know and understand that. So we can implement any model and ensure that we can come up with a plan that is going to work.

    And we're experts at keeping PBX systems moving for a long period of time so that it works for that specific user. And for those that simply need a phone in a shared environment, then we can do a hybrid integration.


    It puts us in a very unique situation as a trusted adviser for the customer,

    not simply pushing an agenda to get every single user on to the cloud.


    In our partnership with TATA Communications we have what's called a DCS or Dedicated Cloud Solution.

    What we're allowing our clients to actually do is have a cloud offering, but still have the security of an on-premise offering.

    There's no customer out there that we can't service, or shouldn't be able to service long term.

    Continuant can automate. Continuant can scale. A lot of the routine tasks, a lot of the basic execution tasks, along with all of the tasks and difficulties of hosting the solution on-premise, or having a local data center where you have to think about HVAC, Electricity, Supply of local network bandwidth, access control and security... you are getting a private, dedicated instance that allows for the same functions, the same application that you would get if you hosted it on-prem.

    What you're not getting is you are not having to pay for a whole army of people to support that when it's not your core business.

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