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    April 12, 2018

    Business Advantages of the Cloud

    Video Transcript:

    Some customers won't be ready for a couple of years, maybe even longer to go to the cloud. This is what we call the adoption curve. You have the technological innovators who jump in the beginning, but then you have the last-to-adopt; the traditional businesses that move very slowly.

    The great thing is, Continuant can cater to both ends of the spectrum, and in the middle absolutely, because there's a lot of companies that are in the middle that are starting to see the real business advantages of the cloud.

    So what are the business advantages of the cloud? The biggest is flexibility. Companies have to move fast now.

    Let's say you want to deploy a new office and you have just days, even hours to setup a new office somewhere to take care of some new business - possibly even internationally. Solutions like Cisco Spark allow you to deploy rapidly. You can set up an office in a really short amount of time to get to where the customer is and start making things happen in the business sense; without having to deploy traditional architecture, and without having to send PBXs over.

    It gives our customers' companies the ability to be more nimble, to be more flexible. It also helps them save some money, and automate some of the processes that kind of hold them back and make them a little bit slower.

    So we offer in the cloud both a financial advantage to the customer, but also a speed of execution advantage that really stands out and gives customers a competitive advantage against their competition, which is ultimately what this is all about.


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