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Why You Should Hire an Integrator for your Transition to UC

Mike Hanks
March 15, 2019

Moving is a part of life, but it can be a very stressful experience. It requires a lot of time and effort, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. That’s why, when moving to a new building, people often hire movers to help them with the process. If a team of professionals is on hand, the task will be completed quicker and more efficiently with less problems along the way, at least ideally. When transitioning to a unified communications system, this remains true. If a company’s IT Department attempts the move alone, it would almost surely be taxing and fraught with peril. So why not hire a unified communications integrator and make it easy? 

Getting Ready for the Big Move

One of the things that makes a move difficult comes from having a lot of stuff. All your possessions and necessities must be accounted for so they don’t get broken, lost, or otherwise become a problem. Your business most likely has this same dilemma. Most modern companies have hybrid environments with different kinds of technology, which can make it very difficult to visualize what the change would look like. How can you know what goes where? How’s everything going to work? Will everything work? If you have the right integrator, you can be sure it will. 

Just like the best movers can carry a piano up and down three flights of stairs, an integrator can move your system from PBX or Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. The difference between movers and integrators is that, while a mover will simply move an object from Point A to Point B, an integrator will assist in all parts of the migration process 

Your UC Integrator

Why you should integrator-Green button systems integrator-FIEach business environment is unique, and because of that, you might be worried that Teams won’t work as well for you as it might for others. Part of the unified communications integrator’s job is to make sure that isn’t the case. An integrator will be more than willing to sit down with you and discuss how to design the solution to best fit your business, transforming your business to best fit the solution. Afterwards, the integrator will be on hand to see the solution properly deployed and adopted. Even after your solution has been fully set up and your users are active on the new system, that same integrator will be ever on call for support should anything go wrong. 

Your integrator should be someone you can trust... someone who can identify and even predict your pain points and ease them. Continuant has done that for numerous different customers throughout the years, and has a storied history of forging strong and enduring relationships. We welcome you to make the easy (and even obvious) step by connecting with one of our migration experts.  


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