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    March 15, 2019

    How a UC Integrator Will Help with Your Transition

    Transitioning to a unified communications (UC) solution can be a challenging process. You have to make sure your new servers, devices, and applications are efficient and accessible to your users. This means you'll be routing calls, setting up meeting rooms, and training users.

    It is very difficult for your organization to achieve maximum ROI if you attempt to transition on your own. However, a unified communications integrator will ensure your transition is successful.

    Transitioning in a Hybrid Environment

    When someone moves into a new home, they have to account for their belongings. Everything must be moved from their old home to the new without breaking or become lost. Similarly, many organizations with hybrid environments have to ensure their transition accounts for their existing technology. If their systems go down in the middle of the transition, they'll be disconnected.

    Your organization has relied on a PBX system for many years. More recently, you've begun to also use cloud collaboration tools such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams for meetings and messaging. A truly unified communication system does all three from one platform. However, setting it up takes time.

    Let's say you plan to use Microsoft Teams for calling. You need to set up your call routing, auto attendants, E911, and other calling functions. Until calling in Teams is fully set up, you'll have to use your PBX to continue making calls. Your whole organization will be cut off from critical communication if it goes down.

    Once the transition is complete, what will you do with the PBX? Will you simply rip it and other analog endpoints out to replace them? Would it be more cost-effective to integrate it with your new solution?

    The newer technology presents a different problem. Teams, Zoom, and Webex are redundant applications since they all enable video collaboration. If your organization is using Zoom and has Microsoft 365 licenses, you're already paying for Teams. Rationalizing your redundant applications will help you get the most out of your UC solution.

    What Your Integrator Will Do

    Green button systems integrator

    A UC integrator will help you resolve all the intricacies of your new solution. Many integrators have expertise in both PBX systems and modern collaboration platforms. They'll keep these systems running during the transition and help you integrate them with your new solution. They'll also identify and decommission redundant technology. 

    The value of your integrator doesn't end with your transition. UC integrators will maintain your new solution after it's been successfully deployed. Anytime you want to add new technology or train new users, they'll be there to help you do it right.

    Continuant is a trusted UC integrator. We've helped organizations all over the world maintain strong communication systems for more than 25 years. Our PBX experts will keep your old systems running during the transition. Meanwhile, our UC experts will design your new solution and help your users get the most out of it.

    Ready to begin designing your new UC solution? Schedule an assessment to start your journey, today. 

    Schedule Assessment

    * Editor's Note: This article was originally published in March 2019 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

    Mike Hanks

    As Director of Microsoft Solutions and Services, Mike Hanks leads the Continuant team in program management and sales of solutions and services for Microsoft Intelligent Communications. While at Continuant, Mike has worked in many key areas, including Cloud, Strategy, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations, where he...

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