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Continuant Managed Services: Ongoing Support for Next Generation Technology

Dustin Merryman
April 17, 2019

Does your current IT team have the capacity to take your company where you want it to go? It can be challenging to make the leap to newer AV Technology without the proper support. In a recent blog, we examined how vital it is for modern companies to have a video collaboration solution, assuming they want to compete and win in their respective markets. It’s a proven fact: video collaboration (VC) improves in-house communication and boosts client relations. We also know that without the right support staff, VC might be too much technology for your team to keep up with. In this blog, we will present managed services as our way of supporting your adoption of AV technology. 

Taking the Load Off of Your IT Team

It takes a small village to support the IT infrastructure of a modern enterprise. Most companies are aware it isn't the most financially feasible option to continue hiring IT talent simply because they need someone standing by when problems arise. However, it’s nice to know that outsourcing is a cost-effective option. Outsourcing allows you to take part (read: not all) of what you would pay for an IT salary and spend it on a whole team of 24/7 support.

Managed Services will relieve the reactive day-to-day stress your IT team faces and allow them to become much more proactive and efficient. Researchers found that 56 percent of businesses (100+ employees) list “improved efficiency” as the top reason for working with a managed service provider. Why is this? Through managed services, our team becomes your team. Now that your IT staff isn’t spread thin, they can focus on “building” your company's IT future.

Continuant Managed Services 

For more than two decades, Continuant has provided maintenance, support, and managed servicesMaintenance and Support for Fortune companies across the UC landscape. Through our managed services model, we help thousands of companies achieve higher efficiencies and realize consistency. But these days we understand that it isn’t enough to have a unified phone system. It takes audiovisual technology for an enterprise to approach their modern market with relevance and clarity. It is for this reason that Continuant has merged with Ellis Pro Media, experts in audiovisual solution design and implementation. Ellis’ AV service compliments our world-class managed services offering and our high-touch customer experience department. Now more than ever, we can assist the enterprise with a complete communication solution.

The merger helps us serve you as a single point of contact for AV technology. No more dealing with multiple vendors or juggling different customer service departments and service contracts. Continuant offers complete peace of mind. 

As you think about your plans to modernize your AV, consider outsourcing to a company with decades of experience. There is nothing more important than having the right communication platform for your employees and clients. Continuant is here to help you move into the right solution with the ongoing support you need to be successful. 


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