Technology Roadmap

Continuant takes a vendor-agnostic approach to developing technology roadmaps that align with our customers' long-term business outcomes and goals.

Doug Brandt, Sr. NAM

Long-Term Roadmaps

Design engineers and solutions architects to help you plan for the future with your unique needs in mind.

US-Based Team

We offer Tier 3 engineers and customer service staff for all OEMs.

Staff Augmentation

Continuant's experts will keep your staff trained on the latest technology.

Michelle Broussard, Service Delivery Lead
Michelle Broussard, Service Delivery Lead

Every business needs a technology plan

Whether you’ve been a Continuant customer for years or you are looking at us for the first time, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to bridge the gap between enterprise telephony and UC with our Strategy and Design services.

We help companies transition into a Unified Communications solution, one that is developed to improve productivity across the enterprise. We can help you craft a tailored solution that, when deployed, helps maximize the potential that seamless and UC delivers.

  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Training
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Kicking off your technology roadmap

Your technology roadmap begins with our conducting a discovery and analysis of your company in order to create the best solution for you. This includes learning everything we can about your business — from your equipment to the carrier, to your high level business strategies as they relate to the competitive landscape surrounding your company.

The strategic planning stage is critical to identifying the project timeline, network, and technology modifications, and financial considerations such as Return on Investment, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Finally, we will verify your solution and smoothly deploy it across your enterprise, significantly enhancing your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Dustin Merryman, Business Analyst Dustin Merryman, Business Analyst

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