Implementation & Deployment

Business outcomes require a plan—based on goals and set milestones—to gauge progress and achievement. A unified communications implementation is no different, in theory, but requires a very intentional plan that is supported by the right people, processes and tools.

Oleg Huk, Avaya Engineer
Getting the Job Done Right

Getting the Job Done Right

When you work with Continuant to implement and deploy new communications applications and solutions, you can be sure that we are engaging the best people, processes, and tools to get the job done right.With Continuant’s Strategy and Design, you get to take a test drive of your new applications and solutions. Our engineer teams conduct proof-of-concept prototyping of your infrastructure, and stand it up in our Unified Communications Collaboration Center (UC3), where testing of the network, interoperability, quality, and more is presented to you—hands-on.

Engineers engaged at every step

During the deployment phase, our engineers oversee every change to network infrastructure elements in order to eliminate inefficiencies, develop backup and contingency plans, and ensure a risk mitigation strategy is in place—the keys to a successful deployment.

Michelle Broussard, SDL Michelle Broussard, SDL

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