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Donald Steenvoorde and Brandon Hall, Avaya Engineers
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What IS ITIL Request Fulfillment?

Balancing the workload of the IT team is one of the biggest challenges facing the enterprise today. Given the steady flow of internal support tickets, it is easy to see why many IT departments are often “on overload.”

Continuant can help. From simple requests to complex change management, Continuant delivers an end-to-end, best practice, ITIL-compliant approach to support. Not only will our experts provide and maintain the tools, processes, and systems that businesses rely on most often, but our experts will also check the overall health of your entire communications system. Continuant also helps companies manage priorities and initiatives with support from our 24×7 Global Service Desk.

Given our “customer-first” approach that sets us apart from other services providers, Continuant takes a vendor-neutral approach to providing services, helping customers achieve maximum value from their system investment, as well as helping them reap the benefits of a complete Unified Communications solution.

Continuant develops and maintains strategic partnerships, vendor partners, and manufacturer relationships to best serve the needs of our customers. Continuant’s Request Fulfillment and Remote MACD deliver end-to-end support, so you can manage your business and get back to what matters most.

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