Availability Management

Kristen Fergurson, Service Delivery Lead

What Is Availability Management?

One of the five components in ITIL’s Service Delivery framework, Availability Management refers to the area of IT that ensures application systems are up, working, and available for use.

Availability Management can also be viewed as a way to predict and proactively prevent future outages—potentially reducing costs associated with outages.


What Is Availability Management

Continuant can help you assure the availability of your systems and services, while minimizing the risk of a failure or an outage. We offer a range of services designed to benefit your business:

  • A single point of contact for all availability-related issues
  • 24/7 availability monitoring
  • Robust availability reporting
  • Reduced frequency of outages
  • Reduced downtime

By using Continuant, you can redirect your in-house Unified Communications resources by letting us proactively handle the daily maintenance and management of your IT services. In addition to offering complete visibility into the performance and availability of your UC systems, through Continuant’s Availability Management service, you can decrease the total cost of ownership of those systems.

Matthew Prichard Matthew Prichard, Service Desk Technician

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