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What is ITIL Asset Management

What is ITIL Asset Management?

As organizational infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, businesses need information about their IT assets, including what assets they own, where these assets are located, how they are performing, and whether those assets comply with existing regulations and licensing requirements. Because undertaking such an assessment can be a daunting task, many organizations today turn to IT asset management experts to conduct such an evaluation.

Through its Asset Management service, Continuant helps companies proactively assess and optimize their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. We monitor usage levels, assess regulatory compliance, and evaluate each asset’s overall integrity, thereby allowing organizations to gain control over the cost of their IT environment.

Asset Management also helps companies make smarter decisions regarding future investments in IT.

Continuant’s electronic asset discovery tools take full inventory of your assets by creating a complete list of your Configuration Items (CIs), which are held securely in our industry-leading Service Knowledge Management System and Configuration Management System, delivering full visibility into an organization’s most vulnerable and critical assets.

Tracking the full lifecycle of your critical components and having the ability to optimize the usage of your assets throughout their lifecycle is a key benefit of an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework-centric program. Our ITIL program provides full visibility and enables real-time management of your assets, from planning and live production to decommission.

Additional benefits include:

  • Visibility of Asset Utilization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Asset Discovery
  • Asset Management Maturity Assessment
  • Asset Service History

Continuant can take the complexity out of service asset and configuration management, allowing businesses to focus on what is important. We provide a centralized, integrated, policy-driven Asset Management service for your organization’s service-critical assets. We track and optimize usage throughout the service asset lifecycle, improving compliance and mitigating risks.

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