Carrier Services Management

Emily Ryan, CSR

Managed Carrier Services

Gartner defines the term “carrier” as “covering all entities that provide some form of telecommunication services (fixed and/or mobile; voice and/or data) as their primary business to all or a subset of consumers, enterprises, governments and other telecom service providers.”

Managing carriers, particularly within a complex UC infrastructure built from multiple manufacturer systems, can be an enormous challenge—and sometimes, a headache—for the enterprise. That’s where Continuant comes in. As part of our portfolio of UC support services, Continuant offers more than two decades’ experience in dealing with carriers.

As part of our Managed Carrier Services offering, Continuant will coordinate the resolution of problems on your behalf by negotiating with the carrier, as well as opening, managing, and escalating trouble tickets. We keep you notified of the circuit status and ticket updates.

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