Incident Management

Any unplanned interruption in IT services requires immediate attention, but not all service companies are equal when it comes to rapid response to an incident. Continuant, however, leads the industry in responding to incidents with a 4-hour time-to-restore. When your service is disrupted, our Incident Management team springs into action, quickly identifying and resolving each incident, helping you resume normal operations, and working with you to keep your network operational and resilient.


ITIL Incident Management

When an unplanned technology disruption occurs, that disruption can have a ripple effect on any business. While such incidents do occur from time to time, what is important to the enterprise is “getting back to normal” as quickly as possible.

With the right Incident Management program in place, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) clearly defined, it is possible to rapidly assess the situation and take the steps that need to be taken to return to normal without unnecessarily disrupting the business, while keeping key stakeholders informed.

Continuant can minimize the disruptions caused by most incidents. By leveraging Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines, Continuant helps companies build a robust and successful Incident Management program. With over 20 years of experience, Continuant has the capability and the expertise to help the enterprise address major incidents, reducing outage time.

With the right team and programs in place, it is possible to manage incidents without having those incidents take over your routine.  The process includes three basic steps:

  1. Manage the Process – Have a mechanism in place that you can use to manage incoming incidents.
  2. Measure the Progress – Establish metrics by which you can determine when you have gotten where you need to be.
  3. Improve and Succeed – Find opportunities to further refine your processes so that you can continue to meet or exceed expectations.


Incident Management Benefits:

  • Increases efficiency and productivity throughout the organization;
  • Improves end user satisfaction;
  • Provides more stable service levels; and
  • Helps meet requirements for IT service availability.

Restoration of Critical Incidents

Our industry-leading SLA promises a 4-hour time to restore of critical incidents

Global Network

Our global network of nearly 2000 partners assists our Tier 3 engineers with onsite technical support when needed

Incident Management and Resolution

When an IT incident or outage occurs, nobody wants to wait until the next business day.

When you work with Continuant, you not only receive immediate assistance, 24/7, from our experienced NOC engineers, but you also experience the peace of mind that comes from having the service leader on your team. Continuant’s Incident Management service not only works to rapidly identify and resolve errors and outages, but also delivers real-time monitoring of your equipment. Finally, our team conducts root cause analysis of those errors and outages—providing valuable insights into your system to make sure the solutions you have in place support your business goals and ensure maximum uptime.

We keep you informed

When incidents occur, we make it a priority to notify our customers as soon as possible via email, text, or phone.

Onsite incident resolution

The ability to securely connect to customer equipment has made it possible to remotely troubleshoot and resolve incidents 90 percent of the time. Where onsite technical resources are required, however, one of Continuant’s global partners can visit the customer location. From there, the Tier 3 NOC engineer assigned to the trouble ticket works closely with the technical partner to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve the incident.

Industry-Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Continuant goes above and beyond by delivering a guaranteed time to restore. As a result, mission-critical environments and top service-affecting events can expect to see incidents resolved and service restored in less than four hours.


Rhonda Parmiter, Chief Customer Officer

With Continuant you are not only guaranteed to have resources on-site in a timely manner, but you are guaranteed your system will be promptly restored.

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