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    May 1, 2019

    Digital Signage: Putting the Spark Back in Your Brand

    A retail manager stands outside her store one afternoon. It’s been brought to her attention that the O in her store’s sign is out again. She looks down at the double doors and the posters for the Spring Sale.

    “Whether the O’s out or not, our customers know who we are,” she thinks as she picks up a fallen "spring sale" poster.

    As she turns to go inside, she sees a group of young women walking past her store. They are her ideal persona for this Spring Sale. They are locked into their smartphones as they walk by, never looking up to see the storefront or the posters.

    Many organizations experience problems such as this. The spark has gone out of their brand, and they need a solution to bring it back.

    What is Digital Signage?

    Digital signage is how modern organizations attract their customers in the marketplace. These customers have millions of sources vying for their attention. To grab your customers, you need signs with eye-catching, dynamic content.

    The hardware component of digital signage comes in many forms. This includes video walls and interactive kiosks. Both forms of signage come in various shapes and sizes and are scalable to fit any organization.

    Man on phone looking at digital signage

    All modern digital signage systems operate on a cloud-based content management solution (CMS). Once set up, your organization will be able to design images, videos, and messages and send them to any displays on the premises.

    Digital signage is dynamic and engaging with a recall rate of 83%. Its flexibility through the CMS allows you to keep your displays up to date with little difficulty. This will help you maintain a consistent image with your online presence.

    Digital Signage and Consistent Messaging

    The Digital Age has restructured the marketplace. Your customers will interact with you first online — either on your website or through social media. It's important to keep your image and messaging consistent online and on-site.

    Static signage such as posters still have their place in the modern marketplace. However, making these signs match your online messaging is much more difficult. Relying on static signage creates a dissonance between your online presence and real-world image.

    Digital Signage Ad

    A digital signage system lets its users display digital content, including web pages and social media posts. You have the ability to display the same on your on-site signs you display in your online presence. Constant changes and updates will also make your signage more engaging and informative.

    Other Benefits of Digital Signage

    Digital signage isn't only for retail organizations looking to update their advertisements. It also benefits corporations, schools, hospitals, and more.

    A corporate office benefits from the wider reach digital signage provides. Important company updates or KPIs displayed on the signs will be visible to employees multiple times a day. Higher recall and retention rates make it more efficient than most communication channels for this information.

    CapEx on Digital Signage may be high, but there are cost-effective benefits to it as well. Printing costs are reduced or even eliminated by digital signage. It also reduces the administrative costs of communication. Displaying information such as frequently asked questions helps users save time.

    All of these types of facilities benefit from wayfinding displays or directories. Clear maps reduce stress and anxiety by improving the user experience all around. Digital signage also reduces perceived wait times by up to 35%. Engaging content shifts the audience's focus away from the passage of time.

    Digital signage will put the spark back in your brand and keep your messaging consistent. It could be a kiosk outside a store, a video wall in an arena, or a display in a waiting room. Whatever you choose, your organization will benefit from its dynamic format.

    At Continuant, we design, deploy, and manage AV solutions such as digital signage. Our experts will help you maximize digital signage for messaging and efficiency. We've helped organizations all over the world get the most out of their technology for over 25 years. Our solutions also come with our AV managed services which give you access to 24/7 support from our global service desk.

    Ready to put the spark back in your brand? Schedule a call with one of our AV experts, today.

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    * Editor's Note: This article was originally published in May 2019 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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