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Digital Signage Advertising: Putting the Spark Back in your Brand

Dustin Merryman
May 1, 2019

A retail manager stands outside her store one afternoon. It’s been brought to her attention that the O in her store’s sign is out again. She looks down at the double doors and the posters for the Spring Sale. Spring is just breaking in the area, and this season’s sale reminds her of some of her favorites from years past. “Whether the O’s out or not, our customers know who we are,” she thinks as she picks up one of the spring sale posters that has fallen to the ground. As she turns to go inside, she sees a group of young girls walking past her store. They are her ideal persona for this Spring Sale. They are locked into their smartphones as they walk by, never once looking up to see the storefront or the posters for the sale.  

Is your ideal buyer persona passing you up every day because you can’t capture their attention? If the spark has gone out in your brand and you are wondering what to do about it, let this be your sign.

What Exactly is Digital Signage? 

Digital signage is how the modern company attracts their customer in the marketplace. The modern customer expects something interesting to come through a luminescent medium (their smartphone taught them so).  

From a hardware perspective, the digital signage that attracts looks like this:  

Digital Signage Advertising

As for the software, all modern digital signage systems operate on a cloud-based CMS (Content Management Solution). This allows your team to upload the best of their messaging, video, and images onto the CMS. Now, your company can showcase their brightest content on crisp 4k signage. Instead of static signage that doesn’t grab anyone’s attention, digital signage is dynamic, engaging a modern marketplace. Its flexibility through CMS allows you to update your signage to match the season’s offering. This also means no more dissonance between your sign that is “so 2007” and your social media post.  

The Luminous Effect 

We should not be surprised that the Digital Age has restructured the marketplace. Where posters, flyers, newspaper ads and neon signs used to carry full freight for a brand, they just don’t anymore. Maybe it was the first time a store manager was passed up by people on their smartphones that he realized attracting people in this new world required a more luminous effect.   

It is also important to note that your customer’s first interaction with you is likely online (where everything is digital). If your website is up to date and your place of business is a visit to the past, you should change that. You don’t want to be known as the company that is way better looking online. Digital signage provides the high-quality content and design that’s driving your online success to be displayed on-site. 

digital signage awareness

Imagine experiencing a company with both a great social media and a stellar online presence, and then finding out that who they are online is indeed who they are in person! It’s a relief, to say the least. It’s also trust-building. Before anyone has said a word, you have already communicated with the customer that you are who you say you are.  

Your Customer is Looking for a Sign 

Once your customer has looked up to find that who you are online is who you are in real-time, they will be looking to your signage for their next steps. What are you promoting this season? What does your site say? What questions would that leave your customer with? Your signage is first opportunity to answer your customer’s questions and point them toward a solution. With outdoor advertising and interactive screens, your customer is reminded of what they are looking for and why life isn’t as fill-in-the-blank as they would think... until they find it.  

Digital signage puts the spark back in your brand and captivates your customer in a fresh, relevant way. Now those customers that were more interested in something else are intrigued by you again. The Content Management Solution for your signage keeps the right content moving toward your client at the right time. With adaptability and a modern medium, your company is ready to shine in its market. 

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