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    February 3, 2020

    2020: New Year, New Continuant Brand and Website

    Out with the red and in with the blue. 2020 promises to be a year of big changes for many people, and Continuant is no exception. The whole face of Continuant’s brand has changed, and our new website has gone live. As the new year approaches, let’s take this time to look back on how far we’ve come, and look ahead to what the future holds.   

    Continuant started in 1996 as an “interconnect,” which in our industry refers to a company that sells, installs, and services business telephone systems. Though the company had its fair share of success in the ’90s, we found that our true calling was in maintaining and servicing. Over the ensuing decade, we serviced about four million traditional telephone users. For over twenty years, we have helped our clients be successful by keeping their systems running, keeping costs low, and providing an exceptional customer experience.  

    More recently, we’ve begun focusing on helping these clients with roadmaps to Unified Collaboration. It’s so far been a natural step for the company, giving us a chance to allow others to succeed by improving their collaboration experience.   

    Continuant is not alone in the collaboration world, but certain things help us stand out among the rest. For example, among Microsoft’s thousands of partners, very few have successfully deployed one a Microsoft solution for tens of thousands of users across the globe. Continuant has. In addition to that, while many people struggle to implement voice with Microsoft’s solutions, our longstanding history with voice systems makes us uniquely qualified.  

    We strive to be a company you can rely on to implement global systems and make sure that your users maximize the collaboration tools at their disposal. While your users reap the benefits of such a solution, we’ll make sure to keep it running with our 24/7 support.

    In terms of our quality service, nothing has changed. What has changed, however, is our new logo and website. This new website is a substantial improvement over its predecessor, designed to follow an intuitive process to get you the information you need. It also houses our blog and success story library, stories that we've also remade.  

    Continuant meeting room solutions website page

    Our redesigned Audio Video pages include interactive graphics.

    Continuant website screenshot of chat

    Our strength lies in our ability to ask questions that will help you define your goalsdesign a solution that meets those goalsand build a roadmap to get you thereOur new website comes with many different ways to help facilitate that conversation, including ‘conversation starters’ on every page, and an AI–powered chat that, after asking  you a few simple questions, will get a representative to call you back within the hour.  

    We hope that when you think of Continuant, you’ll think of a partner that will help you continue to keep your systems alive and well, offering your business a competitive advantage. 

    If you haven't yet clicked one of the links to the new website pages, we hereby invite you to go and visit our new website!

    Bruce Shelby

    Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder Bruce Shelby, began his career in the telecom industry in 1984, holding various positions in sales and sales management. In 1996, Shelby joined Doug Graham in founding the company that would later be known as Continuant: Telecom Labs, Inc. (TLI).

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