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    August 23, 2017

    [Video] Bruce Shelby's Message To Customers


    Hello Continuant Customers!

    I’m Bruce Shelby, Co-Founder at Continuant.

    Thank you for trusting us with your enterprise communications needs.

    At Continuant, we take pride in building a relationship with you so we can truly understand your business needs and your roadmap to provide the best possible service.

    Because your business needs are Continuant’s highest priority, we’ve partnered with Tata Communications, a global leader of communication and managed services, to provide Cisco and Microsoft collaboration solutions custom designed for your business.

    Whether your needs include maintaining and supporting your existing systems, transitioning to an on premise or cloud-based unified communications solution or a hybrid solution, we are here for you.

    Thanks again for trusting Continuant to meet your communications needs.

    Bruce Shelby

    Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder Bruce Shelby, began his career in the telecom industry in 1984, holding various positions in sales and sales management. In 1996, Shelby joined Doug Graham in founding the company that would later be known as Continuant: Telecom Labs, Inc. (TLI).

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