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    February 21, 2017

    Continuant Customers: You Won’t Find a Better Cloud Solution!

    E-Commerce Times recently published an article entitled, “Does Avaya Have a Post-Chapter 11 Prayer?” I was particularly interested in some of the comments in the article and want to pass these along to those customers for whom we provide maintenance, support, and managed services for their Avaya systems.

    The company [Avaya] last month filed for Chapter 11 protection for itself and some of its United States subsidiaries -- a move that makes it "the first major established technology company that's dying as a direct result of the cloud," according to Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research, who was interviewed in the E-Commerce article.

    The first thing that caught my attention is the statement that Avaya’s downfall is a “direct result of the cloud.” In other words, Campbell argues that Avaya is losing market share to cloud-based providers precisely because Avaya has failed to offer a leading cloud solution of its own. As Campbell told CRM Buyer, “Avaya did not pivot quickly enough to cloud services."

    Over the last 14 years, Avaya’s deficiencies have often led to Continuant’s opportunities. We see the move to cloud-based solutions as just the latest example. As a result, we have partnered with Tata, Cisco and Microsoft to offer leading cloud-based solutions, all backed by Continuant’s world-class managed services.

    Continuant, in fact, may be one of the only managed services companies with the deep expertise and global reach to support legacy telephone systems while transforming our customer’s voice environment into a cost effective, cloud-based solution, leveraging market-leading technologies.

    Continuant’s enterprise cloud solution delivers Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) from Cisco and Microsoft and combines Continuant’s Managed Services with the power and global reach of Tata Communications, a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Global Network Services.

    As the Chief Sales Officer at Continuant, I have encouraged my team to talk to our customers with enterprise class legacy Avaya, Nortel and Siemens about what we can offer them with our Enterprise Cloud solutions.

    Bruce Shelby

    Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder Bruce Shelby, began his career in the telecom industry in 1984, holding various positions in sales and sales management. In 1996, Shelby joined Doug Graham in founding the company that would later be known as Continuant: Telecom Labs, Inc. (TLI).

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