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    The Importance of Conference Rooms

    As one of the most important spaces in today’s physical office environment, the conference room is where people meet to generate ideas, get informed, and collaborate. And as the workplace becomes increasingly “virtual,” it is the conference room that offers a much-needed collaborative environment for the remote employee or distant client.

    Today’s well-equipped conference room must have audio and video systems that work every time, without wasting time. 

    In addition, new technology makes it easy to schedule a conference, which helps ensure that there are no interruptions caused by double-booking a room.



    Crestron Solutions

    Crestron, a global leader in collaborative technology, offers a range of solutions for conference rooms as well as other meeting spaces such as huddle spaces, lounges, and lobbies. Crestron delivers reliable AV systems with wireless presentation capability, along with a secure cloud-based network, all with an easy-to-use-touch screen to operate the whole room. No matter how many rooms use these solutions, all of them are built on the same platform and can be controlled from a single dashboard.

    Crestron Flex Solutions Overview

    Other Advantages of a Crestron Solution

    The first advantage is the ease of booking a room. Rooms come integrated with touch screens that can connect to popular calendar applications, making it easy to use the booking feature. Crestron also offers optional hallway signs that connect to the system, making it easy to see conference room availability. Crestron features the mobile app PinPoint for both Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to easily select the perfect place and time for your meeting from any location. Because Crestron has teamed up with Microsoft, they are integrating Microsoft Teams into all Crestron systems.

    The next advantage is scale. Crestron offers a range of solutions for different-sized spaces. The CE-500 can turn a small sitting area into a productive meeting space. This solution does not require cables or new Wi-Fi networks, relying instead on Crestron AirMedia to allow presentations to display wirelessly.




    At the core of each Crestron solution is a single conferencing device. The best among these is the Crestron Mercury™. Any computer or other device can attach to it via HDMI. The console itself also has its own independent functions, chief among them being its ability to connect to Microsoft Teams or Skype. In addition, the Mercury™ features multiple microphones that switch organically to best pick up voices in the vicinity.

    Not sure what your needs are today and how they might change? Crestron also offers Flex solutions. Perfect for spaces of any size, Flex solutions include everything from tabletop to wall-mounted consoles. With all the options Flex provides, you can be assured we will meet your specific collaboration needs.

    Polycom Solutions

    With intuitive collaboration tools designed to fit you, Polycom can help transform the way you and your teams work.

    As traditional offices are physically changing to open concepts and huddle rooms, effective collaboration can be a challenge - especially with multiple office locations and remote employees.

    Polycom's collaboration solutions can help you connect from anywhere you work today; at home, in the office, or on the road. Polycom is making it easier for you to share content in virtual and physical meeting spaces, extend your video conferencing into the cloud, and expand the value of your Microsoft infrastructure.

    Polycom Integration with Microsoft

    As a Microsoft partner, Polycom's collaboration solutions are designed to connect your devices to Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and native Microsoft video conferencing equipment. 

    Polycom's RealConnect Service for Microsoft Teams is certified for Office 365 and Skype for Business. RealConnect ensures a seamless video conferencing and content collaboration experience in Teams or Skype regardless of the devices used to join. RealConnect supports on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployment.

    Polycom Solutions Summary

    Working with Continuant

    When you work with Continuant, you can be sure that your Crestron or Polycom solutions are properly designed, implemented, and managed. Even if you're not sure what solutions you need, Continuant is ready to work with you to find what’s best for you.

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