What are Command and Control Centers

As its name suggests, the Command and Control Center serves a mission critical purpose within an organization: To deliver real-time information about internal and external environments to decision-makers, allowing them to make informed business decisions. Most often associated in the past with military facilities and governments, these Centers deliver “need to know” information to those whose job it is to act on such information.

Designing a Command Center

Command and Control Centers utilize AV in a strategic way, by helping organizations gain valuable insight into their own internal systems such as IT or internal security; become aware of social media trends that affect their markets or their reputation; and even monitor environments such a transportation, weather systems, energy markets, and investor insights—for example. With years of experience in this emerging field, the Continuant team knows how to install and support your Command and Control Center, whatever your need and whatever data you wish to track.

Continuant uses control and management systems to automate various processes, incorporating brands such as Crestron, AMX, and Extron. These brands have developed products that can centrally control rooms from a touch panel, allowing us to control almost everything in an environment including lights, blinds, screens, AV systems, and HVAC controls—all through a central touch screen or control system. Such systems allow us to remotely monitor, configure, and support these important Command and Control Center systems.