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Cisco Webex
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A Unified Ecosystem with Infinite Possibilities 
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We at Continuant can build the kind of environment you want, on-premise, hybrid, or Cloud with a vast array of options from our partner Cisco. Utilizing Cisco Webex for your communication and collaboration environment enables a truly unified ecosystem, offering consistency and clarity across your entire technology stack.  

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Webex  Meetings, Calling, and  Teams  
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Companies and their employees are embracing a more flexible work style, and the need for collaboration is greater than ever before. Evolving organizations are requiring solutions that enhance innovation and enable their teams to connect to partners, vendors, and customers. Webex collaboration tools equip your workforce with a platform that fits this need.  

Whether you choose Cisco Webex for simply calls and meetings or their full collaboration offering, with Webex you can be confident in Cisco’s proven track record and promise of future innovation. 

Webex Teams

Continuous teamwork in one place 

Cisco Webex Teams will let you experience streamlined teamwork and faster results by utilizing collaboration features like chat, file sharing, video meetings, calling, and whiteboarding all inside of one secure platform. Now your team will be equipped with the tools they need, no matter where they are. 

Webex Calling

Cloud calling you can trust

Cisco Webex Calling is part of an integrated, intelligent, and modular suite for team collaboration.  As you transition from legacy systems to a cloud voice environment, you’ll truly embrace the benefits of a full cloud solution and empower your people to connect. 

Webex Meetings

Video meetings made simple

It is imperative that companies implement solutions that make video meetings both easy and effective, and allow users to share content and communicate clearly. Cisco Webex Meetings makes it easier than ever for teams to collaborate, as anyone can join a meeting no matter the organization or device.  

Featured Cisco Webex Devices

Collaborative Meeting Room
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Collaboration Room Systems

The power of Webex is extended to your meeting rooms with intelligent AV technology and collaboration devices designed uniquely for the Webex platform.   

  • Webex Boards 
  • Webex Rooms 
  • Webex Room Kits  
Theater multi display board room
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Immersive Systems

Cisco Telepresence systems utilize the best in audio and video to provide an unmatched meeting experience where each attendee has a seat at the table, no matter the distance.   

  • 3 70-inch LCD Screens 
  • 4K Camera Cluster 
  • Theater Quality Audio 
Video Meeting in Coffee Shop
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Phone Systems

Reliable and flexible to suit a myriad of environments, Cisco IP Phones are equipped with the functionality you need while maintaining a seamless user experience. 

  • WebEx Desk  
  • Headsets 
  • Business Phones 

Managed Services for Enterprise Solutions   
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Cisco Webex Managed Service Packages

For a complex enterprise solution like Cisco Webex, it's not a matter of "if" you need managed services, it's a matter of “when” and “who.” At Continuant, our team of broadly certified Cisco Webex professionals is uniquely suited to partner with you to improve system operations and continuously improve the success of your Cisco Webex environment.  

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Get your Users Ready for Cisco Webex with Adoption & Change Management 
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Full user adoption ensures an accelerated return on investment in technology. When partnering with Continuant to deploy a Cisco Webex solution, we will guide your users through this journey. With Adoption & Change Management services, your change-adverse workforce will confidently adapt to this new way of working.  

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Cisco Webex User Training

Our Cisco Certifications
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CCNA Security
CCNP Collab
CCNA Wireless
CCNA Collab

Continuant not only maintains the Avaya systems for OSF’s 18,145 users, but it is also helping OSF with its migration to Cisco.

OSF Healthcare

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