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Large Venues & Auditoriums

Immersive, Large-Scale Audio Video and Lighting Integration 

A captivating audio video and lighting experience can bring each member of the audience closer to the action, no matter the size of the venue. Whatever your needs, Continuant can design the ideal system to engage your audience. These systems are designed to be fully adopted by your unique users, whether amateurs or seasoned production experts. 

Give your Audience an Experience They’ll Remember

The right system makes every row is the front row, no matter how big the venue. An immersive environment will bring your audience closer to the experience, making even the largest room feel intimate.  

Continuant offers the complete AVL experience in one well-integrated package. From speakers to screens to lighting, everything is efficient and intuitive. Regardless of your space, we can provide a solution supporting impactful performances and presentations. 

Large Venue Digital Wall

Great Equipment, Better Onboarding & Support

We strive to design and integrate systems that perform effectively, time and again, for you and your users. To accomplish this, operators must be fully equipped to operate the new technology. Our emphasis on Adoption & Change Management ensures increased acceptance and utilization of your new solution, and our work doesn’t stop until all your users are set up for success. Then, we’ll partner with you long-term to keep your environment and its users working at their best with our Managed Services packages.  

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Success Stories

Our clients know they can trust in our excellent service. 

These new spaces needed quality AV systems that could be used in a multitude of different ways by people of varying skill levels.

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