With advances in virtualization, unified communications hardware has the ability to function in a virtual environment, allowing for an unparalleled level of resiliency and decreased hardware costs. Continuant guides customers in the considerations surrounding the virtualization of their UC infrastructures, including implementation planning and post-deployment managed services.

Reduce Your Infrastructure

to as little as one rack when incorporating virtualization and cloud delivery

Cloud Strategy & Virtualization

is the number 1 concern for CIOs, according to Gartner

Virtualization of hardware and applications

Unified communications virtualization can be an important part of a robust UC solution. As IP gateways have become separated from the software-driven call control, UC hardware virtualization has become possible. With advances in virtualization technology, it is now feasible for unified communications hardware to become part of a virtualized infrastructure, allowing for an unparalleled level of resiliency to mission-critical unified communications solutions.

Virtualization of hardware and applications

A top consideration when selecting a communications solution should always be the delivery method. A cloud strategy allows you to replace multiple servers and crowded data centers with a virtualized environment of hardware and applications.

When your new solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware—unlike the system that you invested in years ago—you will find that the productivity of IT staff increases, total cost of ownership (TCO) decreases, and your business becomes more agile.

Consultations for your virtualized solution

Continuant can accelerate your team’s speed, agility, and efficiency with UC virtualization. We provide:

  • Solutions by experts in cloud delivery and virtualized communications
  • Hybrid delivery of cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Distribution of cloud technologies across business locations
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