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Doug Brandt, Sr. NAM

Above and Beyond the Call: Contact Centers That Work

Easy and effective communication through seamless contact is what we strive to provide. That’s why Continuant takes a vendor-neutral approach to implement and support contact center solutions from major manufacturers. That means you get the right contact center solution for inbound, outbound, or blended call centers, designed to support your unique business.

Staying “Vendor Neutral”

Continuant understands that customers expect and deserve service excellence. That’s why we never “sell” a particular solution: Instead, we take a vendor-neutral approach to implement and support contact center solutions from major manufacturers. Vendor neutrality means our customers get the right contact center solution—inbound, outbound, or blended–designed to support their business requirements.

Customers want an Experience

Carley Styron
Carley Styron, Account Executive

For every organization, staying in contact with customers—whether those “customers” are clients, buyers, consumers, patients, students, or other stakeholders—is vital to the delivery of a positive experience.

Today, simply answering the phone and transferring to another extension is not enough. People want immediate, personalized, and professional levels of service. If you can’t deliver the experience they’re expecting, you’ve already lost that customer’s support.

Contact Center solutions help you compete—and win—when up against your competitors’ customer experience.

Ashley Falcon
Ashley Falcon Service Delivery Lead

Contact Center Managers Want to Deliver

Both day-to-day and strategic operations are a big challenge for contact center managers. When the right contact center solution is implemented, however, these challenges turn into opportunities to deliver a world-class customer experience while achieving the right business outcomes.

  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Utilize UC technology to collaborate with customers
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase agent loyalty
  • Streamline hiring and training

Continuant offers Contact Center solutions that enable businesses to properly manage outgoing and incoming communication. Our knowledge of industry-specific solutions allows us to recommend, implement, and manage solutions in healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, retail and more.

Ready to go above and beyond for your customers? Let us show you the way.

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