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TEC Video Blog Episode 2: Microsoft Teams & Intelligent Communications

June 20, 2018


Sean Wilson, Intelligent Communications Architect at Microsoft, joins us to discuss the future of Microsoft teams.

  • What is Intelligent Communications (IC)? 00:20
  • What role does Microsoft play in Intelligent Communications? 01:14
  • Why is IC and Teams user adoption so high? 02:21
  • What kind of innovations are occurring as a result of Microsoft Teams? 03:44
  • How do you ensure a successful transition to Microsoft Teams? 06:51
  • Microsoft Teams was built with the end user in mind: 10:32
  • What is the importance of planning your roadmap before beginning a transition to Microsoft Teams? 11:24
  • Making sure that all your user types can get what they need: 12:06
  • Identifying your user personas correctly: 13:52

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