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    March 2, 2018

    SIP Managed Services From Continuant

    Full Transcript:
    72% of customers are feeling some kind of headache when they implement SIP and now are responsible for routing and making sure the right paths to all their locations are being used. Companies are implementing SIP, the carriers are offloading that legacy infrastructure of PRIs and T1s, and now that they have also offloaded the management to the customer.

    So now customers have to manage routing and signaling of the SIP traffic across their networks over Session Border Controllers (SBCs) for example.

    So this is totally different than what customers are used to. They were used to the PRI connectivity and allowing carriers to handle traffic routing and signaling.

    But now when you bring SIP on you are gaining a tremendous amount of savings, but you have the fun job of managing the signaling.

    So Continuant as we help customers implement UC solutions as we maintain their legacy environments, or we maintain on-premise Cisco deployments or on-premise Skype for Business server implementations. Customers often have SIP deployed in the background or they are looking to us to help them design it properly and manage it.

    Managed SIP for Continuant helps customers relieve that burden or the pain because we will help them troubleshoot, gain visibility, and diagnose issues immediately. Resolving problems and headaches from congestion or routing problems. Once we fix those the customer's life gets a lot easier because now they are getting seamless communication across the network.

    Mike Hanks

    As Director of Microsoft Solutions and Services, Mike Hanks leads the Continuant team in program management and sales of solutions and services for Microsoft Intelligent Communications. While at Continuant, Mike has worked in many key areas, including Cloud, Strategy, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations, where he...

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