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    October 26, 2015

    A Golden Year Calls for the Annual Golden Phone Awards

    As I always say, I’m a customer experience fanatic.  It’s even in my job title; just look near the top of this post… Vice President of The Customer Experience.  That’s because, to me, the customer experience is the most important thing we can deliver as a company.  And that’s why my team hires, cultivates, and awards the most incredible customer experience team to support our customers.

    Each year, I have the honor to work with the customer experience managers to plan my team’s Golden Phone Awards.  The awards have evolved over the years, but are focused around recognizing some of the team’s top players.  As a department with a culture of activity, fun, and motivation, we have our own team members host and announce the awards, create home-grown inspirational videos, play some great music, and always have a few laughs.  Ultimately, I want my team to leave the awards rejuvenated and motivated to take the customer experience to the next level.

    Year after year, I believe my team just keeps getting better.  I couldn’t be more proud and positive as we prepare to move into 2016.   Here are the Golden Phone Award winners:

    "The Customer Experience" Award – Amanda Davenport was recognized for her dedication to going above and beyond for her customers, always delivering an amazing customer experience.

    "The Wingman" Award – Jon Vanderlinden was awarded for his excellence in supporting his team and customers as the best support person.

    "Agility" Award – Emily Ingram was recognized for taking on any task given to her, adapting, and completing the mission.

    “Trailblazer” Award – Eric LeBrun received recognition for innovation within the Customer Service Center.  From implementing processes to creating a career path matrix for CSRs, Eric is always pushing for improvement.

    “Retention” Award – Keeping our customers is the number one priority, and Elaine Frazier knows how to keep her customers happy and renewing their contracts year after year. 

    “Who Needs Sleep?” Award – Dennis Tyler is awarded for always going above the normal 9-5 work day to design and complete UC solutions for our customers.  Who hasn’t received a midnight email from him?

    “Mover and Shaker” Award – Tessa Akau is one of the most determined and tenacious Named Account Managers on the team.  She perfectly balances the customer’s needs with the company’s needs – and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

    “The Big Save” Award – Carley Styron is constantly educating her customers on Continuant’s broad managed services capabilities, keeping them on track with a future at Continuant.

    “The Golden Heart” Award – One of our team’s kindest hearts, Sara Steward, is always quick to care for those around her, both co-workers and customers.

    “Work, Play, Life” Award – Debbie Lainfiesta is the perfect example of a healthy work-life balance.  She inspires those around her to work hard during the day, enjoy the Pacific Northwest and try new things.

    “The Rover” Award – Levi Parmiter was recognized for his willingness to jump into any situation and take care of business.  He always sees the task through to the finish line.

    “The Boat Load” Award – With the most revenue generated in 2015, it sure is good to have Patrick Soles on the team when customers are ready to move to their next step in business communications solutions.

    Also, take a peek into our culture in these Continuant Managed Services “commercials”, featuring our customer experience managers.


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    Rhonda Parmiter

    Rhonda Parmiter brings to Continuant an extensive background in customer service, retail sales, and management. Originally brought on board to pioneer Continuant’s National Accounts division, Ms. Parmiter quickly helped transform the Continuant customer experience to the positive experience that it is today—as...

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