Strategy & Design

Continuant takes a vendor-agnostic approach to developing solutions that align with our customers' long-term business outcomes and goals. We specialize in providing maximum value of existing investments while our Strategy and Design team works to discover, design, implement, and deploy technologies from leading manufacturers.


Your partner in Strategy and Design solutions

We help companies with the technology transition into a unified communications solution, one that is developed to improve productivity across the enterprise. We can help you craft a tailored solution that, when deployed, helps maximize the potential that seamless and unified communications can bring to your company.

Discovery & Analysis

As a first step in this process, we conduct a discovery and analysis of your company. We learn the “ins and outs” of your business to create a solution that helps your company achieve its goals.

This includes learning everything we can about your business, from your equipment to the carrier to your business goals as they relate to the competitive landscape surrounding your company.


Proof of Concept and Deployment

The planning stage is critical to identifying the project timeline, network and technology modifications, and financial considerations such as Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership (ROI and TCO).

Finally, we will verify your solution and smoothly deploy it across your enterprise, significantly enhancing your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Continuant’s solutions team builds custom voice infrastructure designs


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