Pieter Ostendorf

    Prior to joining Continuant, Pieter Ostendorf held various positions in operations and logistics for two of the world’s largest distribution and fulfilment corporations, UPS and Amazon. At UPS, Pieter worked as a Supervisor; at Amazon, he worked as Accounts Payable lead, then as a Buyer, and Inventory Planner.  

    Following his success at Amazon, Pieter accepted an offer to work for Continuant as a Purchasing Agent, a position he held for four years until moving to the Redmond-based Denali Advanced Integration where he worked in the Purchasing department.  After two and a half years at Denali, Pieter returned to Continuant, signing on first as a Purchasing Manager, then Wholesale Manager. Pieter currently works as Supply Chain Director, overseeing the company’s Purchasing, Warehouse, and Wholesale departments.

    For the last three of his eight years at Continuant, Pieter has earned the honor of being named “Impact Player of the Year” for the contributions he has made to streamlining the company’s purchasing process, turning the Wholesale department into a full-fledged parts repair facility, and getting a barcode system set up and operational in the Warehouse.

    Pieter holds a degree in history from the University of Washington, although his original major there was piano performance, and he still plays the piano from time to time.