We help users and administrators gain the knowledge and real-world strategies needed to optimize their UC applications.

Sales team training
Richard Cogzell, Unified Communications Design Engineer
Richard Cogzell, Unified Communications Design Engineer

End-User and Administration Training

You deserve the maximum ROI on your Unified Communications investment. To ensure the maximum return on your investment, we will work with you to make sure that all users, by the end of the first year of deployment, have adopted the new system and are utilizing its capabilities.

Because user adoption is directly linked to proper training, Continuant incorporates training into your rollout and deployment projects. End-user and administration training will be led by Continuant’s Engineers and Project Managers.

Training Methods

Training can be presented in a number of ways—in a classroom or via online sessions. Documentation highlighting functionality will be available, and instructional videos are often part of curriculum.

Each training is tailored to fit your needs as a business and to help the transition into your new environment to be as seamless as possible.

Training for Your Systems

If we support it, we can train you on it. Contact us for more information regarding your needs for end-user and administration training.

Claire Giamarino, NAM Claire Giamarino, NAM

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