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Adoption & Change Management

Guiding you on a journey of full adoption and utilization of your new solution. 

Prepare your People for Maximum Adoption

Organizations that have successfully migrated to a new solution know it’s more than a technology change; it affects people in a personal way. Adopting a collaboration platform will fundamentally shift the way your workforce approaches their daily tasks. Without the appropriate user adoption and change management strategies in place, you may unify your communications and collaboration, but you will miss unifying your diverse workforce.  

At no other time in history has our workforce been more diverse in terms of age, geography, cultural background, and ability. Today’s organizations are tasked with creating an environment where people of all backgrounds can fully adopt new technology in order to collaborate at their best.  

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Reasons to Invest in Change Management

Organizations are 6x more likely to meet or exceed business objectives with effective change management. - Prosci  

Increase probability of project success

Manage employee resistance to change

Capture people-dependent ROI

Build change competency into the organization

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Continuant’s Approach 

Our Adoption & Change Management practice is designed to be both systematic and tailored to suit the unique needs of your organization. After evaluating your pain points and key objectives, we will create a plan with you to set you up to achieve your user adoption goals. 

Discovery and Assessment 

  • Identify key stakeholders 
  • Conduct change management assessment 
  • Analyze business to determine key objectives 

Strategy and Design 

  • Define sponsors 
  • Create measurement strategy 
  • Design plans for communication, training, and reinforcement 

Executive Support 

  • Execute awareness campaign 
  • Build the adoption dashboard 
  • Train the trainer for managers 
  • Execute end-user trainings, both virtual and in-person 

Success Reports 

  • Summarize results of pre/post learning delta surveys 
  • Review success metrics and ongoing adoption strategy 
  • Define regular health checks 
  • Conduct ongoing training  

New Solutions

When you begin your transition to a new solution, working with a partner that has a dynamic Adoption & Change Management (ACM) offering is critical. Your workforce is naturally resistant to change, and not everyone is as agile as your IT experts. Deploying new technology requires a comprehensive and tailored approach to ensure your users get the most out of this new way to work.  

Existing Solutions

Oftentimes, our clients have come to us because of a negative experience through a technology deployment. Their users are unhappy, the solution is underutilized, and they’re concerned they won’t see the ROI they anticipated. If this sounds like your organization, the good news is that it’s not too late to implement a user adoption strategy.  

Our Adoption & Change Management team will work with you to identify business goals, then eliminate sources of friction, whether it be devices, network restrictions, or user sentiment. We’ll create a plan to full adoption and acceptance of your new solution.  

Continuant’s tiered ACM packages are available for you to choose a service level that fits your organization’s needs. 

Explore our ACM packages

ACM Basic

Our ACM Basic package includes a Workplace Transformation Workshop, and a deep dive with key stakeholders to chart out business requirements and the desired outcomes. This will get you the tools you need to embark on an internally managed Adoption & Change Management process. 

ACM Extended

Our ACM Extended package puts more tools and structure into the hands of your organization, as we “train the trainer” with the methodology and structure surrounding successful user adoption programs. This package includes workshops, analytics tools, and more.  

ACM Advanced

Our ACM Advanced package is for organizations who are looking for a fully outsourced ACM program, and a team to guide their users through the adoption and change management process from start to finish. We’ll be your partners through the journey of Modern Workplace Transformation and work closely with you to ensure that you get maximum ROI on your technology solution.  


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