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    January 31, 2019

    Team Collaboration: AV Tips for Taking Your Company Places in 2019

    In the beginning, there was the cubicle.  

    Average CubicleIts resident wore pleated pants, drank Folgers coffee, and only came out at lunch and 5:00 pm. He found his worth in numbers: How long can he stay in the cubicle, keep on task, not get distracted. 

    Now, the coffee’s organic, the pants are skinny, and the dividing cubicle wall has come down. In its stead, a modern workplace has been born, one that values working together over working alone.  

    The result? Companies across the country are realizing that if they’re going to be in the people business, it will require a work experience that is more human. If we’ve learned anything about the future, it’s that we don’t just need products that make us better at being alone, we need products that make us better at being together. How’s the old saying go? “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

    Experts suggest that companies going far in the next decade will do so by embracing and facilitating collaborating. Here are some tips and trends for your company that will bond your team in 2019 and help you become the company your customer needs you to be 

    Spatial Awareness 

    What have we learned since the cubicle came down? Different spaces produce different results. If you want to knock tasks out, that seems to happen best at a desk. If you’re making business decisions with team members, a boardroom table seems to do the trick. But what about generating ideas? What kind of space do you create for that? Don’t ideas just come at random, like in the shower or on the 117-step walk to and from the coffee pot? How do companies develop leaders instead of just simple doers? What happens to the company that doesn’t make space to think a new thought? 

    Introducing the Huddle Space 

    You don’t have time to wait for your competitors to show you what to do. If you’re serious about shaping your business and your industry, you must create a team collaboration space that unites your team, unfolds your future, and constantly re-introduces you to your customer.  

    Huddle SpaceIn a huddle space, you’ll deploy a video conferencing solution that makes it easy for employees to slide in and out of idea-driven meetings. This will be a room or area, typically complete with couches or a round table, a space that seems to make ideas more available. And it will also become a reset room, a place where team members remember the big picture, what the customer really wants, the “why” behind the “what.” This is what happens in any space that brings people together. A huddle space provokes a new head space, one that is collaborative to its core. This is the kind of room that turns a group of employees into a team.  

    Remote Employees 

    A huddle space doesn’t just provide collaboration for the in-office team members, it also allows your remote employees to feel as if they’re right there with you. While it would be nice to have everyone under one roof, the modern workplace just doesn’t work that way. For headquarters, you’re looking for an AV agility that allows off-site workers to connect with their co-workers in the office. This will require a clean AV solution that meets the demands of daily off-site meetings. You’ll want to ask, “What AV solution will make my remote employees feel as though they’re here?” 

    Next Steps For Team Collaboration

    Make collaboration your goal in 2019 by creating a space that unifies your team. Bring it together with an AV solution that allows remote employees easy access into the room, and quick collaboration in meetings. A huddle space will introduce members of your team to one another, and help grow the kind of collaborative, idea-focused culture your customers enjoy doing business with. When teams thrive, trust builds, and Big Ideas happen.  

    Make 2019 the year your team tears down the cubicle wall and goes further, together. 

    David Ellis

    For nearly a decade, David Ellis and the company he founded, Ellis Pro Media (EPM), have been working to help clients harness the power of creative technology to facilitate communication. Now unified under the Continuant family of companies, Ellis has assembled a world-class team of AV professionals who share a...

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