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    May 22, 2018

    [Video] What Is Managed Carrier Services?

    Full Transcript:

    We don't represent any one carrier, we can represent hundreds of carriers. Continuant is a consultant adviser and broker because we can shop for the customer the best solution.

    We can bring that solution to the table with the carrier, we can negotiate the contracts with them using better than market rate pricing. Then we follow that up with ongoing support. They're definitely seeing Continuant as an extension of their IT department; of their own service departments.

    Really once our customers experience [our carrier services] they don't want to leave it.

    I don't think you would see anybody say "I enjoy trying to open trouble tickets with the carrier and get those resolved" and then come back and get credits for the service level agreements, and the things we're able to do for customers.

    We do a very good job doing it, and our customers love it.

    Pat Halliday

    Joining Continuant in 2005, Pat Halliday brings over 30 years of industry experience to the team. As a Carrier Services Specialist, Pat’s job is all about listening and asking the right questions. This involves analyzing and developing solutions best suited for each customer’s needs, as well as negotiating better than...

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