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Lessons From the Storm

Bob Kennedy
March 14, 2014

We want to make sure your systems stay online and protected at all times. Storms like the polar vortex of 2014 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 have taught us that we must take precautionary steps to ensure the health and functionality of our systems, despite what Mother Nature has to throw our way.  So while we’re available to help all of our maintenance customers 24/7 during this time, there are a few things you can do:

UPS system
  • Is your system(s) on a UPS?
  • If so, when were the batteries last tested?
  • Are your servers located as high as possible in their data racks? Are the cables tagged with locations?  You might need to remove the server and move it to a more secure location. How difficult would it be to do this?
  • Do you have generator power available? If so, do you have fuel enough to keep your generator running?
  • Do you have enough slack in the cables to raise the cabinets up off of the floor?
  • Is there access to a water pump in case of flooding?
  • Do you have a way to block off any water to prevent it from entering your telephone equipment?
  • If not, follow the steps below, and then power off your systems.
What to take to a high and dry location
  • One good backup.
  • Risc card for Legacy Systems.
  • Backup files for Communications Manager Servers: xln, security and OS. (Save them to a laptop that can be stored off-site. Run a backup to your voicemail platforms.)
Before you go, or when you get to a dry location
  • Run the “list configuration all” command. Print that to an Excel spreadsheet. This will list all the hardware you have in your system.
  • On voicemail systems, run the system evaluation report. It will detail the components that make up your platform.

Find the CDs and DVDs that make up your original software package. Place all of the above items in a laptop bag, place the laptop bag in a protected waterproof container and have it ready to transport.

To all of our customers in the path of extreme weather, Continuant will be there for you 24/7. 

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