Simplicity and support for a thriving Fortune 500 company


Ten years of support, one point of contact

After years of juggling contracts, manufacturers, and upgrades, the ideal solution quickly became clear:  a single managed services provider.


3M Company (Fortune 500 #93) was founded in 1902.  3M understands the hassle of trying to manage multiple communications systems. Well over a decade ago, 3M held three separate maintenance and support contracts with Avaya, Nortel, and Siemens systems, but then sought out a provider who would take the time to understand their internal procedures, processes and invoicing needs.


Continuant quickly became the ideal solution: a single provider to manage 3M’s complex, multi-vendor environment.


3M is a leading manufacturer of more than 55,000 adhesive, laminate and car care products and became a Continuant customer in 2004. 3M hasn’t looked back since, focusing its time on applying science to everyday life and creating products that customers need and use every day.

High-level service for low-level costs

The upkeep of Avaya, Nortel, and Siemens systems became a costly process under 3M’s previous contracts. Continuant’s maintenance and support, both onsite and remote, costs the customer 50 percent less in comparison.


In addition, Continuant continues to run port and capacity counts, ensuring maintenance costs for all systems remain as low as possible going forward.

Global access to experts 24/7

3M requires the promise of maximum uptime across all of its 146 locations around the globe. Continuant’s Enhanced SLA guarantees system restoration and provides built-in penalties; the customer’s technical staff is also able to reach Continuant’s Tier 3 engineers to receive 24/7 support.


3M’s long-term plan is to migrate to a hosted Cisco Unified Communications solution.  In Continuant, 3M has found a true partner that will assist them through the process of moving to the cloud-based Cisco solution.

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