Shanelle Cunningham

    Brought on after a referral from a previous employee, Shanelle joined the Customer Service team back in 2016. Since then, she’s been promoted to the position of Named Account Manager. Within this position of leadership, she constantly looks for ways to make the best of problems that arise for her and her team. 

    Shanelle’s philosophy can be summarized with this cliché: “work hard, play hard.” Not only is her dedication to commitment admirable in and of itself, but she also displays the wherewithal to manage her tasks in such a way that she’s never overwhelmed yet flexible enough to do all she can. She promises to deliver the best results in everything she does. 

    Her dedication to customer service is only matched if not eclipsed by her dedication to her family, whom she visits every weekend. When she’s not working or spending quality time with her parents and siblings, she loves spending time outdoors and swimming.