Sandy Kruse

In her 13-year career at Continuant, Sandy Kruse has seen the company evolve and grow to become a leader in its field. But despite the growth and change, one thing has remained constant: a commitment to offering excellent customer service.

Sandy firmly believes that the experience she gained starting her career in the entry level position of Customer Service Representative has paid huge dividends in the position she currently holds as Named Account Manager. Today, Sandy plays a leadership role in keeping her team motivated to be the best that they can be: The team’s mission statement is “To provide our customers with outstanding service, and to retain and build upon each customer’s confidence in Continuant as a partner.”

With her knowledge of technology and dedication to excellence, it is only natural that Sandy has been tapped to manage a number of Continuant’s enterprise customers. Sandy upholds the Continuant culture of working hard, with integrity, and thinking creatively about solutions—while acknowledging that each team member brings a unique talent to the table. She constantly makes it a point to learn about technology so she can pass this information on to her team.

In Sandy’s own words “she is a fanatic about customer service!” Sandy and her team strive to create a win-win with every situation. She loves sharing success with those around her.

Sandy has won several awards through her Continuant career, including the Impact Player of the Year, Named Account Manager of the Year, and Top Producer of the Year.  She is aware that none of those accomplishments could be achieved without the support of her team. Despite the accolades, Sandy values the friendship of her coworkers and relationships that have been built with her customers.

Sandy graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education. She enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with family and friends.